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The Top Ten Board Games to keep boredom at bay during Lockdown


Posted on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

A 60-second speed read on the games people are playing in lockdown.
One of the few positives of the lockdowns has been that families living in the same home have spent more quality time together.
This ‘together time’ has seen a surge in the number of board games sold.
Amazon has just released the top ten games that families across The West Midlands and the UK have been buying in the battle to banish boredom.
Here they are:
1. Monopoly
The property classic. Number of players 2 to 6, £14.99.
2. Match and Spell Game and Shopping List Extras
Educational learning for ages, 4+, £12.
3. EXIT - The Game
Escape rooms for the home, numerous players, ages 10+, £14.
4. Animal Families
Develops matching and memory skills, 2-4 players and for kids aged 4+, £4.99.
5. Bananagrams Big Letter
Fun word game. 1-8 players, ages 7+, £16.99.
6. Monopoly Deal
Property card game 2-5 players, £5.88.
7. Articulate
Fast-talking description party game, numerous players, £20.
8. First Times Tables
Multiplication learning for kids aged 5-8, 2-4 players, £8.30.
9. Ticket to Ride United Kingdom
Travel fun. Ages 8+, 2-5 players, £34.90.
10. 5 Second Rule
A fast-paced, talking game, 3 or more players, £12.73.

One of our favourite board games is driving around Halesowen and seeing our sold and let signs.
What games are you playing to stave off lockdown boredom and to bring your family together?