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The Bloore and King Online Auctions.....the new modern way of selling property


Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

When thinking of selling your property there are many options available out there, but not many methods offer the flexibility and speed of our modern method online auction.  We have had some amazingly succesful property sales which have acheived far and above their guide prices and produced very happy vendors and buyers alike.  

This modern way of selling homes is not just for run down empty houses left to you in a will, as it would be in more traditional forms of in-room auctions, the system is far more flexible and will suit more properties than you think


Here as some of the benefits:

 •Choose to pay 0% commission on your sale


•A fixed date to move and sell


•The benefit of a non refundable reservation fee or deposit paid up front from the buyer


•The best price in the current market


•Easier and more flexible than traditional ‘in room’ auction


•Full controllability of guide price with reserve
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