Our Chris on his epic motorbike tour to Italy

Posted on Friday, July 27, 2018

Our Chris on his epic motorbike tour to Italy

Chris, in his ultimate wisdom, decided to go on a once in a lifetime motorbike tour through Switzerland and Italy with his friends Paul and Gavin.   It was both epic and disatrous in equal measure.  After an amazing ride over the St Bernadino pass he promptly broke down in Lake Como, 5 minutes after his phone (and sat nav included) ran out of battery !!  Uh Oh!!

He then spent the next four hours on the side of the road waiting for Paul to go and find the hotel and fetch Gavin (who was in the bar chilling out with a G&T) and the support van which eventually arrived to collect him. Thankfully he was very well looked after by the local coffee shop owner and even watched the world cup final while he was waiting!!  It turned out to be a simple battery failure so once fixed they were back on track.

Factory tours of both Masarati and Ducati followed the next day and then it was back on the, now fixed, bike and up through Tirano back into Switzerland, lunch in St Moritz (as you do) and then on through the Julier pass and back to Zurich where he left the van to go home through france and was supposed to catch a flight home....until it was cancelled.....oh how we laughed!!   Chris is laughing about it now but I beleive there were some choice words at the time......at least he has a great story to tell and he got back in one peice !!