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Five Things We Can’t Wait to Do When Lockdown Ends


Posted on Friday, February 26, 2021

We list the five simple things we’re looking forward to when lockdown lifts in this two-minute read.

With the end to lockdown now in sight, it’s impossible not to think excitedly ahead to spring and summer.

We know we won’t be able to do everything all at once – but we can live with that.

There are so many simple things that we’ve missed over the past few months that will make getting out and about in the local area (without too many restrictions) feel like a mini-adventure.

Of course, we dream of flying off to an exotic location, but we also look forward to spending more time with family and friends.

Here’s a list of five things we can’t wait to do after lockdown.

1) Eat out in our favourite local. It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive meal – a quiet outing to a casual eatery with a couple of friends will do us nicely. One of our favourites is the Swallows Nest in Romsley so expect to see us enjoying a bite to eat and a tipple when restrictions allow.

2) Get a proper haircut. Lockdown has taught us that there is no substitute for a decent haircut. Hacking away at your own thatch with a pair of blunt scissors or letting your partner loose on your barnet after they’ve watched a YouTube tutorial, just doesn’t cut it. The finished result never looks quite right.

3) Watch a live performance. We don’t mind if it’s a gig, a stand-up routine or an am-dram production of My Fair Lady; after endless months of staring at screens, we can’t wait to be entertained by real people.

4) Picnic in the park. We fancy greeting friends and family with hugs (no more awkward elbow bumps, please) in Haden Hill Park or the Clent Hills and enjoying a lazy, laid-back picnic. And, of course, we’ll take our rubbish with us when we leave.

5) Watch some live sport. Grassroots sporting clubs have had a tough year, so we’ll be doing our bit to support them when we can. We look forward to catching Halesowen Football Club in action soon.

From everyone here at Bloore King & Kavanagh, stay safe, stay healthy, and see you soon.

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