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Dyslexia Week 2023: Honouring Brilliance in Diversity


Posted on Friday, October 6, 2023

Dyslexia Week 2023: Honouring Brilliance in Diversity
Dyslexia is often misunderstood as simply a learning difficulty.
Yet, this condition is so much more than that.
For many, it’s a unique way of thinking, an extraordinary approach to life that has given rise to creativity, innovation and problem-solving abilities.
So, it’s more of a learning difference than difficulty with the proper support.
From 2 – 8 October, the UK celebrates Dyslexia Week.
It’s a week that aims to foster understanding, recognition and support for those living with dyslexia and to recognise the amazing talents and abilities that come with it.
What is dyslexia?
Dyslexia is a neurological condition affecting reading, writing and spelling. It doesn’t reflect intelligence or potential but rather how the brain processes language. It’s estimated that 10% of the UK population is dyslexic, which manifests in various ways.
How does dyslexia affect people?
Those with dyslexia often experience challenges with traditional educational methods. They might need more time to read or write, but their creative, analytical and visual thinking can be extraordinary. It’s a unique wiring that often brings unexpected and brilliant solutions to problems.
Support and understanding
Schools, workplaces and communities are increasingly adapting to accommodate those with dyslexia. From tailored teaching strategies to embracing technology, much has been done to provide an environment where everyone can thrive.
The British Dyslexia Association provides resources, guidance and support for individuals and families.
Famous dyslexic Britons
Richard Branson: The Virgin Group founder’s entrepreneurial spirit hasn’t been hindered by dyslexia but has fuelled his innovative thinking.
Jamie Oliver: This celebrity chef has turned his dyslexia into a creative flair in the kitchen.
Cher Lloyd: Singer and songwriter Cher Lloyd has shown that dyslexia doesn’t have to be a barrier to creative success.
Steve McQueen: The acclaimed film director has proven that dyslexia can be a gift in visual storytelling.
Keira Knightley: The Hollywood actress was diagnosed at six and has become one of the UK’s most famous film stars.
Get involved
At Bloore King & Kavanagh, we strive to make as much of our written material as dyslexia-friendly as possible.
And we’re backing Dyslexia Week. It is much more than an awareness campaign; it celebrates diversity, talent and resilience.
We invite the people of Halesowen to join us to learn, understand and appreciate the brilliance of thinking differently.
For more resources and support or to get involved, visit the British Dyslexia Association.