Tips and Hints for creating the perfect bathroom.... without breaking the bank

Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tips and Hints for creating the perfect bathroom.... without breaking the bank

Replace the bathroom floor

Consider patterned flooring. Statement flooring is very en vogue and can make a dramatic difference to the look of your scheme. For an inexpensive update choose vinyl; it’s stylish, highly practical and comes in a huge choice of creative designs and colour combinations.

If you have the space add a chair

Nearly all high-end bathrooms have some sort of seating so if you have the space consider a throne of your own.


Refresh the paint

Giving your bathroom a new lick of paint can totally transform your space.....and it’s cheap.  Dark shades look gorgeously rich and expensive and work well in high ceilinged rooms.


Hang mirrors

Mirrors have an instant impact, especially in smaller spaces and make a bathroom look expensive and glamorous.


Update the fittings

Replacing taps and shower heads with quality fittings in sculptural shapes and on-trend finishes is an effective way of giving a bath, sink or shower cubicle a completely new look. For maximum visual impact consider waterfall spouts, transparent mixers, rain shower heads or a floor standing bath/shower set in black or rose gold.


Add greenery

Large leafy, sculptural houseplants are very on trend and perfect for adding a touch of green glamour to a simple bathroom scheme. Choose wet-loving vegetation that thrives in low light, high humidity and warm temperatures such as Chinese Evergreen, Dracaena, Boston Fern and Aloe Vera.



Lighting is so often overlooked in a bathroom as it has to be practically pleasing, but aesthetically it can be very dull. There are so many interesting and clever lighting solution these days that you no longer need simple light fittings or spots.  Think about where the light comes from....many designs for lighting now beleive that you should only see the light itself and not the fitting.  It can look amazing if done correctly.


Invest in smart storage

De-clutter.  Spa bathrooms always have that amazing clean un-cluttered feel so think about storage and put it away out of sight.

Buy new towels

It's a simple one but so important.   Tired, worn or wet towels are a sure way of making your bathroom look unloved.  All the best hotels have the softest, fluffiest towels and if you want to make an impression in yours buy the best you can afford.


Bathrooms can be a make or break for a potential buyer and you don't have to spend a fortune to create an amazing and pleasing bathroom or ensuite space.